Freakin’ (Great Links) Friday: Installment 19


Why I Love Etsy, Reason #592: Use “sausage” as a search term & get 11 PAGES of hits. One of them was this awesome Breakfast Necklace from chinachichi (see the sausage? like a link? for “freakin’ (great links) friday”? I’m hilarious)

Is it me, or has this been the longest week ever recorded in the history of the world? It seems like it should be next Wednesday already! Looking forward to a weekend full of sleep, coaching, running, Dave & Busters-ing, diva-watching, & friend-catching-uping.

Here are yo links!:

I also wanted to let you kids know to take a look-see back here this weekend, as I’ll be announcing a great new series for next week. Hope you’ll be as jazzed about it as I am!

You can see all the Freakin’ (Great Links) Fridays here.


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